Terms and Conditions

Updated July 2021

Price Comparison/Switching Services

The Utility King provides a price comparison/switching service to UK businesses. There are certain eligibility criteria mandated for this service

  •  The business should be based out of the UK
  •  More than 18 years of age in case of a sole trader
  •  Meet the credit score eligibility or criteria, if any

We reserve the right to deny services to any customer based on our discretion. In case the customer agrees to use our services, then Utility King will use its reasonable activities to find, negotiate, and fix competitive energy prices. Energy prices are procured from a panel of energy suppliers using supplier provided books.

The provision of a quotation by a supplier through Utility King does not include an offer to the customer and will come with individual supplier terms and agreements. Suppose the customer accepts a given quotation and a contract is initiated between customer and supplier. In that case, the contract is binding, and the customer is not permitted to disapprove of the said acceptance.

Utility King does not guarantee the quality of services operated by suppliers or the prices that come up in the quotations.

Due to the constant fluctuation in Energy prices, we cannot guarantee any quote that can be considered the lowest.


Utility King gets a commission for fixing and finalizing contracts between customers and energy suppliers.

Duplicate Contract Fees

In case of a scenario where the customer enters into a contract with a given supplier and uses Utility King Services, then this contract stands as legally binding for both parties. If a new contract is being initiated with another supplier and the contract is being fixed by Utility King,but the contract does not materialize, then it will not receive any fees. Utility King will incur the loss.

Change of Tenancy Notifications and Fees

There might be a scenario where the customer enters into a contract through Utility King but decides to change premises. If the change of premises is decided within the middle of the contract, then the contract will stand null and void. It shall be known as a change of tenancy or COT.

In case of failure to notify Utility King, a penalty fee or loss will be incurred and would be liable to be paid by the supplier. In case a customer has completed more than 50% of the contract term, a fee of £250 will be levied. If the term completed is less than 50% of the contract term, the fee would be £500. However, taking into consideration exceptional circumstances, Utility King might waive off both charges. However, it must not be considered fit for a waiver in each case.