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If switching is an option, you might begin working with your new supplier in as little as five business days with no disruption to your service. Your new supplier will handle everything, so all you need to do is compare best energy deals and move forward.

A five-minute waiting time is required.

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Please provide your postcode and energy consumption details to compare energy plans; this will give you the best results based on your most recent bill.

We will search for tariffs.

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If you decide to switch suppliers, we'll perform our research and propose the best energy supplier to you.

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Once your energy transfer is in motion, your new supplier will manage everything, so you won't be required to do anything.


What can you do about the growing cost of energy?

We advise the majority of households to stick with their primary tariff until better offers become available. To find out the best energy deals you can perform an electricity comparison through us and consider leaving your email.
You may switch energy supplier at this very moment. However, under normal conditions, we'll handle the switchover and you'll be with your specific electricity provider in seven business days.

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Tell us your zip code and how much energy you spend to get an estimate in a matter of minutes.

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Find the finest offer for your needs by comparing electricity rates of the market's greatest bargains.

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Once your transition is underway, you won't have to do anything because the providers will handle everything.

When does the energy switch happen?

Energy Switching is now accessible. However, under normal circumstances, you could be swapped after clicking "compare" on our website within just five business days. We'll lead you through the procedure as you continue reading.

  • »  Compare energy prices with us. Finding a deal and finalizing your switch just takes a couple of minutes.

  • »  If you'd like, then you can decide to change your energy provider right away. In that situation, you may have to wait for seven working days before being switched to your new supplier. Nevertheless, if the electricity provider needs further details, there can be a brief delay.

  • » If you change your mind you will be responsible for paying for any energy consumed with the provisional supplier until your electricity supply is relocated again.

  • »  You can also wait for the changeover to finish; in this instance, the energy switch should be finished in about 15 days.

  • »  According to the Energy Switch Guarantee, the process will be handled by your new energy supplier, and you won't experience any service interruptions.

What occurs if you change your energy provider?

Your new energy provider will contact your current electricity supplier and work out a transfer date. When this transpires, they will let you know. Around the time of the energy transfer, your new energy provider will contact you to request a meter reading. They communicate this to your previous energy supplier so they can issue you an official invoice. Your gas and electricity supply are unaffected by supplier changes because they take place in the background. There won't be any drilling or digging required no need for new pipelines, and no interruption of your energy supply. You can unwind because your new supplier handles all the administration as well. We'll keep you informed at every step of your switch to relieve your anxiety.

Simply follow these steps to switch energy providers:

  • » Your home and zip code

  • » The most recent energy bill. You can also access your energy account online.

  • » If you wish to pay via direct debit, you have to provide your bank information.

Suppose you decide against energy switching—what happens then?

In this case, if you decide against it, there will be no cancellation fees. But for the little period during which you were on supply with the new supplier, you will get a bill from them.
You won't be paying for the exact same energy twice, so don't worry

What choices do you have if you change your mind?

  • »  With your new energy supplier, you might be able to switch to a different tariff. You'll need to contact them to inquire.

  • »  You might be able to go back to your old energy supplier on "equal conditions" with a tariff. You must get in touch with your previous electricity supplier to inquire. The prior tariff might only be accessible for a short period of time, thus we suggest you to take action as quickly as possible.

  • »  Change to a different supplier entirely. You'll need to get in touch with the supplier you want to sign up with in order to do this. Or, if a unique rate on UtilityKing appeals to you, you'll need to sign up via our website to get it.

It is your responsibility to contact energy suppliers in each of these situations to inform them about your plans and explain what you want to achieve. You will be switched to a regular variable tariff with your new electricity supplier if you decide against switching and do not take any of the aforementioned actions. Following that, you are free to change your energy supplier or electricity tariff whenever it suits you, without incurring any fees. You must keep in mind that whichever choice you select, you will be charged for any energy consumed during the switchover period.

Gas and electricity

Price hikes should not be disregarded.

Best energy deals are something we're always looking for you. We'll do everything we can to put you in charge of your bills whenever the market resumes its normal course.

Business energy

Reduce your company's energy bills.

High energy expenses may drive up your costs dramatically, whether you operate a little firm or something bigger. We can assist you in locating the best commercial energy provider.

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Since we are completely autonomous, we solely serve our consumers. UtilityKing is independent—unlike some of our rivals—and not sponsored by an insurance provider. So that we can provide you the best energy deals and discounts. We are able to negotiate the greatest rates and values for goods and services by combining our independence with advanced technologies. Now you understand that doing energy price comparison with UtilityKing will not only help you to compare energy suppliers but also bring you the options to select the best electricity provider in your area. UtilityKing is also able to help you with energy switch to ensure that you will get the best energy deals from the cheapest energy supplier.